The Secret to our Inn & Resort Success

Manage Locally. Market Globally.

Unlike the giant corporate hotel managers, who really are the best at managing thousands of rooms and employees, we find that being local, participating in the community and having long-tenured staff is the key to success.

This system is called "White Label" meaning every property retains its own name and brand. And is then managed by a local partner or owner to ensure that every property and guest issue is skillfully handled. But every location is backed up by our global back-office team for advertising, marketing, software, 24/7 reservations and guest support.

The best of both worlds.

Our unique configuration provides everything owners need - safety for the property, hospitality grade housekeeping and maintenance and world-class marketing and bookings.

Although each property is separate, and advertising focuses on the local business, all properties are banded together for further marketing under network brands too. They allow for cross selling to result in more inquiries and more bookings. Click on a network to read more about it.:

If you like franchise hotels, same-old everything properties then we are not the place for you. But if you want wonderful unique, quirky, rustic and even remote destinations - all with friendly staff, hospitality grade cleaning and comfortable surroundings, then we are the place to go.

DETAILS: We work to keep this information up to date, but details do change from time to time based on circumstances, often on short notice, and sometimes beyond our control. To verify any answer or other information you may need, please call or email us anytime. Allow a reasonable amount of time for response. Only legitimate inquiries will be answered.